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# Mini Pojects Cost: 3000/- to 15000/- Major Projects Cost: 5000/- to 40,000/-.

# Why buy Projects When you can do on your Own-Guaranteed Sucess by Experienced researchers

# We Provide the Never done before Innovative projects, visit us for Live Hardware Demonstration

# We implement Foreign university projects so that it helps you in MS admission Abroad.

# Come Stay Few Days in Hostel-Implement your idea & Go back with Confidence of own design

# One and Only Institute to involve students in project design-Freedom to Experiment & Fail

# Best Place to do projects in India-Largest Collection of Engineering Live projects, Ideas in india

# Learning By Doing challenging IIT Teaching environment-World class tools, facilities and faculty.

# Teaching is done by research scholars who have published IEEE papers in international conferences

# Join us and prove your talent to the world.**Our Motto Freedom to Experiment *

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LATEST MECHANICAL Engineering Projects/Topics (click on topic for Details)

Quad Copter-Rotor | 3d printer | air car | Electric Car | CNC Laser Cutter | Drilling Depth Control machine | 2D Programmable CNC drill | design and development Blind stick | Composite material carbon fiber | Laser cutter | Parallel manipulator | Pneumatic pick and place 3 DOF | Uphill water pump without electricity | Solar car | Solar tracker | Snake robot | Stair climbing | Servant Robot to help us | Speed breaker electricity | Walle Robot with speech | Wind mill bore well pump | Water Wheel Pump | vertical pipe inspection robot | Unmanned ground vehicle | Bore well child rescue | Spherical Wheel Robot | Gravity electric power | Shrimp/kinematic machine | Wall Climbing |ALL PROJECTS, Agriculture, Automobile, Design/ Simulation CAD/CAM, Hydraulic, Thermal,Pneumatics Manufacturing, Mechatronics, Non Conventional Energy,Production, Refrigiration&Airconditioning, Robotics, Solar, Thermal


LATEST BIOMEDICAL Engineering Projects/Topics (click on topic for Details)

EMG Robotic Arm | EMG Exercise/Physiotherapy| ECG Signal Processing | EEG Home Control | EEG,ECG,robotic syrgery,biomedical equipment,Matlab,heartbeat, lungs analysis,life support systems,blood analysis,biomedical measuremets, electrodes/sensors etc


LATEST AERONAUTICAL Engineering Projects/Topics (click on topic for Details)

Quad Copter-Rotor  | Flapping aerial vehicle | Helicoper autonomous | balloon Flying vehicles | Mini Satelite | Missiles |  NASA CAN Satelite | Air Powered Rockets | Drones | Space telescope |


LATEST ELECTRONICS Engineering Projects/Topics (click on topic for Details)

Jammers | tracking Radar | ARM 7/9/11 | Ardino based | Beagle Board /Bone | Raspberry pi |Alcohol Sensor | Communication,Embedded Systems (PIC/AVR/Mcs-51/ARM/Psoc),GSM,GPS, Biometrics,Fingerprint,Iris),Smart Card, RFID,Mobile applications,PID, Fuzzy logic ,Neural Networks,MATLAB, IEEE, ,DSP, DIP, Biomedical, IEEE paper based projects,Communication-Rs232, RS485, RF, TCP/IP, USB, Zigbee, GSM,GPRS, Embedded- Mcs-51, PIC,AVR,ARM, FPGA/CPLD/Chip design


LATEST ELECTRICAL Engineering Projects/Topics (click on topic for Details)

DC welding | Spot welding | GBT power control | sub Station Monitoring | HVDC | Power Electronics, Control systems, PLC, SCADA,IGBT,SCR, TRAIC,, thyristor, substation automation, Inverter, SPWM, ,Process control, instrumentation,IGBT, SCR, TRIAC, HVAC, MOSFET, SPWM, Inverter,  AC/DC Drives.


LATEST INSTRUMENTATION Engineering Projects/Topics (click on topic for Details)

flow control,level control,pressure control,parameter monitoring, labview projects, matlab projects etc


LATEST COMPUTER SCIENCE Engineering Projects/Topics (click on topic for Details)

.NET, PHP, Java,Mobile application,Android,Search engine, web technologies,Android applications, image processing, data mining, speech systems. ,JAVA ( COre java,Adcanced JAVA, EJB, JDBC, HYBERNATE, struts,Robotics, mechatraonics, Drives, Artificial intelligence.


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